A new yoga movement

Humming Puppy Yoga

Humming Puppy is a yoga experience like nothing before, this month the newly opened unique yoga studio introduced free sessions to everyone. This yoga evolved from traditional practices in a stunning space that resonates with a perfect hum. These phenomenal classes are typically conducted in a climate controlled environment of no more than 27 degrees.

As the name may suggest the room quite literally ‘hum’s’, the intriguing yoga space, engineered by ARUP, is injected with many frequencies to enhance and deepen the yoga experience. This humming is thought to help ‘ground’ you and your thoughts and ultimately makes you feel good.

There are four class styles in which they welcome beginners through to the most experienced yogi. These include:

  • Mellow hum – a low intensity class with gentle flow and yin style postures
  • Unified hum – a middle intensity class with dynamic and restorative elements
  • Dynamic hum – a high intensity class with deeper stretches and longer holds
  • Deepen your hum – an interactive and engaging experience with the teacher

I participated in a unified hum class mid afternoon and it was a surreal experience, i exited the class feeling light and refreshed! i would recommend this unique yoga class to all!

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Flash tattoo’s are jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos in metallic silver and gold colours, these tattoos are perfect for the beach, the pool, parties, festivals and concerts! Many celebrities including Beyonce at the beach and Vanessa Hudgens at Coachella, all      have been seen wearing these unique and creative designs, as they are so versatile, different and all round cool.

The phenomenal tattoos will last between 4-6 days depending on the place you wear them and what conditions they are under (salt, sand, sunscreen, water, lotions and creams). I wore them for a week and they still looked great! The opportunities are endless, apply them to your fingers, toes, feet, upper back, neck, arms, wrists and ankles, these will for sure be a show stopper at any event.

These insane temporary tattoos can be purchased from their website flashtat.com , choose from many styles, colours and shapes to pick the best suited decorative jewellery for you. I hope i have introduced you to a fun, creative and unique way to spice up your outfit or bikini for the beach! enjoy xx



Kayla Itsine’s twelve week bikini body guide

Kayla Itsine’s has completely taken over the world with her social media promoting a healthy, happy and fit lifestyle. I have done her bikini body guide before but was only able to complete the first 4 weeks of the workouts as i went travelling and it was all a bit too hard. I have now restarted her guide and am loving every bit of it! I am currently on week 2 and plan to finish all 12 weeks!

The guide involves three resistance circuits a week, one legs and cardio, one arms and abs and a full body one. These are split into four, seven minute circuits, for a total of 28 minutes! Although 28 minutes doesn’t sound like much, these workouts will get your heart rate up a lot as they are high intensity and there is little to no rest! The majority of the exercises are plyometric exercises which tear the muscles quite a bit (in a good way!!!) and leave you feeling sore for a few days afterwards!! But in-between these three sessions it is recommended that you complete three LISS (low intensity steady state cardio) such as power walking at about 6.2kmph.

I have also downloaded her eating guidelines which are quite easy to stick to as they do not exclude any food groups and allow for moderation for everything! This is very similar to the diet i stick to regally anyway so it wasn’t as worth it as the exercise plan but the guide recommends both together.

The first week seemed to be quite a challenge but manageable, and the second week is slowly getting harder! There has been such great results from this program and i hope to see some similar results to the ones below! I will keep you updated with progress and the program as i go along! My aim is to become more toned, stronger and more aerobically fit, as well as perhaps losing a few kilo’s but this isn’t the main goal!

transformation28 transformation27 transformation21

My food and life philosophy

As my first big post i thought i would share to you my ideals and thoughts towards food and the way i live my life. I live a very active life, as a retired athlete i never stopped training and working in the gym, pool, pavement or the park, but this time it was for a different reason. Not just to meet a new time, lose body fat, increase muscle mass or lift a heavier weight, this time it is all for me, my energy levels and my enjoyment.

Prior to quitting my sport i was doing all the exercises and eating for a alternate purpose, one that wasn’t bringing enjoyment and an invigorating lifestyle. Now i have found a balance between what is needed and what i enjoy, from this experience as an international athlete, i have learnt adequate life skills and traits that allow me to live a more fulfilled life!

As of about two years i have been really interested in new foods, diets and lifestyles that have been considered healthy, in this interest i have tried and tested many of these, and this has really helped shape what foods i eat everyday. I have a very open food philosophy that involved loads of fresh vegetables, some fruits and lean proteins, minimal dairy and unrefined wholegrains. I consume minimal packages and refined foods, and rarely drink alcohol (maybe three times a year on very special occasions).

As for my love for action and activity, i have grown to love exercise. I exercise 5 to 6 days a week with a mixture of cardio (walking and running) and weight training.

Throughout my blog i will be posting various information, thoughts and discussions about food, recipes, exercise and fashion!

enjoy x


I have been interested in blogging for a while now, i have explored the world of blogs and have decided to share with you my views, experiences and recipes from my world! Here i will share all things that will allow you too live a happier, healthier and more invigorating life. I am in no means a health professional, but am only sharing what works for me, and because EVERYBODY is different, what i cook, do and live by may not work exactly for you.

I am currently about to start studying physiotherapy at university and cannot wait to start entering the world of work, study and learning after finishing a gruelling year of year 12! As a retired athlete i have a basic understanding of nutrition and the body from competing at such a high level.

Enjoy exploring my blog and i hope you can share your experiences with me too!